Welcome to The Science Laboratory, School of Primary Education, University of Patras, Greece

The Science Laboratory performs original research in the fields of Science, Science Education, and ICT education, with a special concentration to applying those to primary education

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The Science Laboratory (TSL) also provides tuition to undergraduate and postgraduate primary-education students at University of Patras, Greece. The Laboratory trains teachers-to-be in the fields of Science and Technology. These include Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, ICT, and the educational aspects thereof. The enhancement of students’ involvement in learning and teaching Science, as well as increasing students’ awareness of pupils’ ideas as these evolve during teaching, are part of the aim. The acquisition and refinement of laboratory skills in Science and Technology amongst students, forms a large part of the Laboratory’s teaching effort.

The Science Laboratory is also involved in in-service training for teachers, aiming to enhance and update their skills in learning and teaching Science and Technology concepts to primary school pupils.